Texas Counties Deliver

County Clerk
Stephanie G. Garza

P.O. Box 1327
Kingsville, TX 78364

Phone: 361-595-8548 / Fax: 361-593-1355

Monday - Friday
Office Hours: 8:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.
                        1:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.

2020 County Holidays

Email Addresses for staff:

Stephanie G. Garza / Co. Clerk         sgarza@co.kleberg.tx.us
Connie Martinez / Chief Deputy         cmartinez@co.kleberg.tx.us

Pattie Garcia / Supervisor                 pgarcia@co.kleberg.tx.us
Clarissa Moreno / Supervisor             cmmoreno@co.kleberg.tx.us
Estefana Mechell / Vitals                   emechell@co.kleberg.tx.us
Anna Ramirez / Vitals                        aramirez@co.kleberg.tx.us
Ofie Gutierrez / Criminal                   ogutierrez@co.kleberg.tx.us
Sonja Reyna / Criminal                     sreyna@co.kleberg.tx.us
Norma De La Garza / Criminal           ndelagarza@co.kleberg.tx.us
DeAnna Esquivel / Commissioners Court      desquivel@co.kleberg.tx.us


  • Real PropertyCriminal and Probate Records Search from September 1987 to Present  www.texasonlinerecords.com

     Land Index Books Spanning from 1845 to 1987

      These electronic Index Books can be accessed from anywhere at any time at the URL Link below:


    To purchase the land records associated with this site, simply contact the office at (361) 595-8548 and provide the volume(s) and page(s) for processing. Copy Fee is $1.00 a page with an additional $5.00 for certification if needed. 

    *Electronic Plats are available upon request.
  • Effective September 1, 2015 Senate Bill 200 article 5 requires a notarized proof of identity when applying for a birth or death certificate by mail or email.

    Properly qualified applicant for purchase of a birth or death certificate must present an Acceptable form of ID. An applicant can be either the registrant, his or her parents, guardian, or the children, spouses, siblings, or grandparents of the registrant. 

    Acceptable form of payment other than debit/credit card -

                                    Money Order
    Cashiers Check
                                  Personal Check (Checks must have personal information. No temporary checks will be accepted)

    Documents available for purchase:

    Requesting a Birth/Death Certificate by MAIL OR EMAIL

           The following information is needed in order to obtain a birth/death certificate by mail or email: 

                        Application for Birth/Death Certificate
                        Notarized Proof of Identification
                        Credit Card Authorization Form if paying with debit / credit card
                        Copy of Acceptable form of ID
                        Payment of $23.00 - 

    To apply for Birth or Death Certificate with the State of Texas:     http://www.dshs.texas.gov/vs/reqproc/default.shtm


    •  Marriage License - due to the COVID19 / Coronavirus Disease Marriage Licenses will be issued by appointment only to Kleberg County Residents. You can call the office at 361-595-8548 or 361-595-8549. You may download the application for a Marriage License to speed the process. Both applicants will need a valid picture ID. If you took a marriage course, you will need to submit a copy of the certificate issued by the entity.

             Application for a Marriage License (must be submitted to the County Clerk's Office)

             Cost of Marriage License:
    Marriage License - $82.00 
              Marriage License with Together in Texas Certificate - $22.00 
              Informal Marriage - $47.00 

    Requirements for marriage ceremony conductors: Texas Family Code.

  • Self help information can be found at www.TexasCourtHelp.gov This website provides links to specific information e.g., lawyer referral services and legal aid offices.

    State Law Library Website: www.sll.texas.gov.

    Acceptable Forms of payment for Court Costs, Fine and/or Attorney's Fee :
        Money Order
        Cashier's Check
        Debit/Credit Card (3% charge for every $100)

    Criminal Record Search Fee - $10.00
    Copies - $1.00 per page
    Certification of documents - $5.00 per document

    Phone numbers frequently asked for:

    County Court at Law 
    Judge Jaime E. Carrillo  361-595-8565

    County Attorney
    Kira Talip 361-595-8583

    Probation Department 361-595-8558

    Sheriff's Office 361-595-8500

    Thirteenth Court of Appeals serving Kleberg County.

    Order of Non Disclosure - 
  • Commissioners' Court Hearings are held at the Law Enforcement Center, Courthouse Annex at 1500 E. King, Kingsville, TX at 1:30 p.m. on the second Monday and the fourth Monday of each month. Agendas for each meeting may be found on the Quicklinks tab under Public Notices. 




    Any Deed conveying an interest in real property, executed after December 31, 1981, shall contain a mailing address of each GRANTEE appearing in the document (or separate instrument signed by Grantor or Grantee and attached to the document).  If the address is missing, said document(s) WILL be rejected.

    *Legal Description of Property Required on Document before Filing


    1. Document must have original signatures.
    2. Document must be notarized
    3. First page must contain a clear identifying heading indicating the type of legal instrument
    4. Page cannot be larger than 8 ½ X 14 (legal size)
    5. Margins must be 1” at top of each page.
    6. Page must be legible or otherwise suitable for reproduction
    7. Name of grantor and grantee needs to be legibly typed or printed beneath each signature
    8. Riders or attachments cannot be larger than the size of the pages as defined above or more than one rider included
    9. Font size cannot be smaller than eight point type.


    (Deeds, Deed of Trusts, Affidavits, Assignments, Releases, State, Federal & Hospital Tax Liens, Abstracts, UCC filings etc...)

    First page -  $26.00

    Each additional pg of same instrument - $  4.00

    More than Five Names to Be Indexed - $  .25

    Notice of Trustee’s Sale - $3.00 
    ($2.00 to Recording and $1.00 H1934)

    Comptroller – Abstract of Judgment or State Tax Liens - $15.00
                                              ($10 to Recording and $5 H1513)

    Child Support Liens - waived

  • Plats - $56.00
    (County Plats need to be approved at Commissioner’s Court & printed on Mylar paper)

    Copies of Plats -
    Regular Plat - $10.00
    Class B Plat (11x17) - $2.00
    Plat on 8 1/2 x 14 - $1.00                        
    Plat on 8 1/2 x 11 - $1.00   

    Official Records CD Images:
    Weekly                   $15.00
    Every two Weeks     $25.00
    Monthly                  $40.00

    Marks and Brands (one location) $26.00
    Additional Locations…………………    $10.00
    Military Discharge Records…………NO CHARGE

    NOTICE:  Texas requires that brands be re-registered in the county every ten years. Click on the link below for more information.  

  • Local Assistance * when funds are available*

    First Christian Church
    1900 S. Brahma Blvd.
    Contact: Terry Neel
    Assist with Food Pantry
    Open T W TH 9am - 11am

    St. Martin's Catholic Church
    715 N. 8th St.
    Contact:  Maria Guerra
    Assist with food vouchers & utilities

    St. Gertrude's Catholic Church Outreach
    1120 S. 8th St.
    Assist with food & utilities
    Open Tues. 9am - 12 noon

    Other Area Resources

    211 Texas
    211 texas.org
    Helps citizens find services they need in their
    local community

    American Red Cross
    1721 S Brownlee Blvd.
    Corpus Christi, TX 78463

    Catholic Charities of Corpus Christi
    615 Oliver Ct., Corpus Christi, TX
    Assist with food pantry